Saturday, February 04, 2006

1 John

Growing up in a holiness church, there was unfortunately a fair bit of legalism floating around. A few months ago my Dad asked me to study Romans to see if I might get a new perspective on the doctrine of indwelling sin, which he doesn't believe in. Oddly enough (or so I thought), I found in 1 John some very good help in understanding life in the Spirit vs. indwelling sin. At least that's how my Dad views the two subjects--totally incompatible. Most of my life I've heard this book (1 John) used to justify legalism so imagine my surprise to find that it's all about grace, as is the rest of Scripture! How did I ever miss this? I plan to be posting some of my reasoning, insights, ect...on this book in the future. Meanwhile, maybe some of my silent readers would be interested in joining me in taking another look into this short book and telling me what you think of my conclusions. And also, correct me if you think I'm wrong.

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