Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Baptism of Jesus

Has anyone ever wondered if the baptism of Jesus could be a model for the believer? I mentioned before that I had a 'technical' problem with the idea of a 'second work' of the baptism of the Spirit. Most of the examples in Acts seem to be believers receiving the Spirit later than conversion because of ignorance of Pentecost. But when Jesus was baptized, the Spirit of God descended on him like a dove. This seemed to be a special inauguration of his ministry from which point he moved in amazing power by having the Spirit in a new way. Obviously, Jesus was not separate from the Spirit in any way before this. Also, of course I know I have the Spirit already at work in me. What I'm looking for is real and tangible power for ministry, to the devastion of the kingdom of darkness and the glory of God in the ushering in of his kingdom. Any thoughts anyone? I could very possibly be really off here. I haven't really checked out any other opinions yet, or spent time digging in Scripture on this one. I would appreciate your ideas, and suggestions for books/sermons or Scripture references.


Eric said...

If you haven't read it already, "Are the Miraculous Gifts for Today, Four Views", Edited by Wayne Grudem is a lively discussion from the different camps on when baptism of the spirit occurs and what its ongoing effects look like. Cessationist, Open but Cautious, Third Wave, and Pentescostal / Charismatic views are defended by various adherents. Although I have my opinions, each author is clearly adept at presenting and defending their own view, so it will challenge you. I'm trying to get the men's CG to read and discuss. And since the gauntlet has been thrown down, I certainly accept your challenge to Boggle.

jul said...

I'll try to find that book. We don't have is as far as I know, but what is your view? Don't tell me you're afraid to say?

Andrew said...

Theologically speaking you are absolutely right and most evangelical New Testament theologians today would agree with you, even cessationists. When Jesus was baptised he was filled with the Spirit and began a life that was totally dependant on the power of the Spirit, rather than his own divinity. Without understanding this, we will not be able to see Jesus as our example in the Christian life. He was the pioneer and led the way for us. I wrote a study on this years ago before went on to I realize it's implication for supernatural power in the life of the believer.

I would second Eric's recommendation of "Are the Miraculous Gifts for Today, Four Views", particularly Sam Storm's section. Great book! (so is everything Sam has written).