Thursday, February 09, 2006

My newest song...

I really enjoy finding old hymns with great words and adding my own melody, and maybe changing the words around a bit to help make it a little more worshipful in the context of singing these days. I think this might be my new favorite song.

Holy Spirit, You Alone (the original 1885, Henrietta E. Blair)


Holy Spirit you alone
Can turn our hearts from sin
You alone can sanctify
And keep us pure within


O Spirit of love descend
Come be with us our friend
If you're not here
We meet in vain
Fill us with your power today


Holy Spirit you alone
Can deeper love inspire
Your power alone within our souls
Can light the sacred fire


Holy Spirit you can bring
The gifts we seek in prayer
Your voice can words of comfort speak
And still each wave of care


Holy Spirit you can give
The grace we need this hour
And while we wait O Spirit come
In kingdom building power

I realize it's hard to judge a song without hearing it, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the words. Any suggestions or critiques would be extremely welcome ( hint hint, silent readers).


Baxter's Boy said...

Wow that is incredible!! You have a real talent there! I think Ern would have been proud of you!

Ollie said...

Hi I got to your blog through Baxter's Boy. That is a great hymn that you have written and I particularly like the line that without the Presence of the Spirit we can do nothing! We meet in vain! Amen. Good on ya!

jul said...

thanks guys. If I ever figure out how I'll record it (plainly) and put it one here. I really need more critiques. My husband is currently the only person who usually hears my songs, unless we have a songwriting thing at church.

KT said...

The ever present but often time forgotten 3rd party in the Trinity. We need more songs of worship that honor Him. He is our Helper and it is good for me to be once again reminded of Him. What is the melody that goes with these lyrics?

jul said...

Katy, I now consider you a faithful friend. Thank-you for breaking your silence. And thanks also for those delicious flax-seed brownies.

Don said...

Sounds like you're ready to join the Vineyard Music team, Jul! I've long thought the Spirit receives too little worship and recognition for His active ministry. Powerful Spirit-focused songs usually get written during revival, when He can't be hidden and people truly understand how he works in our hearts and minds.

Please do record this.

jul said...

I'll work on it, but I've got 3 very noisy little ones running (or crawling) around and I'm not even sure where my recording stuff is! Thanks for your encouragement.