Monday, March 20, 2006

OK, So I cheated

I tweaked my answers because I wanted to see what picture would come up for Charismatic. It was worth it, you can see for yourself.

You scored as Charismatic/Pentecostal. You are a charismatic or pentecostal believer. You believe in the primacy of spiritual gifts and the importance of renewal of the body of Christ. You are likely to be suspicious of or even hostile to older non-charismatic churches and revival is high on your list of priorities. You are a firm believer that God's Spirit is as active today as in biblical times and you are likely to devote less time to academic study of the Bible and theology.





Reformed Evangelical


Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan


Neo orthodox




Classical Liberal


Modern Liberal


Roman Catholic


What's your theological worldview?
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Katie said...

I am an evangelical Wesleyan. Personally, I think this test is inaccurate. There are so many different directions you could take those questions. How can you partially agree?!
PS.. my picture was of charles wesley

jul said...

I don't think they are meant to be very accurate...but they are pretty funny. You get an impossible mix.

Eric said...

Nothing to do with this particular post, but...I couldn't help but be acutely aware of the absence of a certain church planting organization with which you are (like it or not) still currently affiliated with in your list of links. I would like to encourage you to do a little self examination and get to the heart issues surrounding this rather glaring deficiency. Oh, and thanks for serving.

jul said...

Good point. I'm working through these heart issues as we type. I have many bad things brewing in there but I'm holding these fingers captive to the future grace that will allow me to emerge victorious over sin by refusing to allow this blog to be an outlet for those particular sinful thoughts. You may be able to judge the outcome of this battle by whether or not those links happen to appear at some point...

jul said...

Oh, and that was very perceptive of you!