Friday, April 21, 2006


I usually keep an eye on Girl Talk, the blog written by Carolyn Mahaney and her daughters. I enjoy the topics whether I completely agree or not. Frankly, there is not too much to disagree on for the most part. They have been doing a series on modesty, teaching that I'm pretty familiar with by now, and teaching that has been helpful.

I have to say though, much of this kind of teaching has been so helpful to me because I have taken it to God and worked it out with him. I have never been one (since being here anyway) to take my list of rules and just go with it. And I think it's been made clear that that's not what they intend either. I hope that's not the intention anyway. I'm just not sure that a list (The Modesty Checklist)is the most effective way to teach modesty. I think the heart check questions are better than the literal modesty check points if it comes down to that. Once again, I'm concerned that we are trying to bypass the role of the Holy Spirit in individual believers' lives. Wouldn't it be better for us to comes to these convictions on our own? I realize that some of the things on the list are common sense and some woman ( especially those without the benefit of a godly mother) need to be taught these things, but I think this would be far more effective in the context of relationship.

All in all, I think needing a list is revealing some deficiencies. We are lacking the Titus 2 older women teaching younger woman (in the context of real and personal relationships) and we are lacking a real and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. He is faithful to teach and convict every believer, and he is all-powerful to accomplish change in our lives.

I do want to say that I am completely in favor of teaching on modesty from the pulpit and elsewhere. There is definately a lack in this area, and C.J. and Carolyn do a great job at helping us uncover sinful motivations at work. I am very thankful personally for this teaching because God has used it in my life to change not only how I dress, but why I wear what I wear. It's just one more way to humble myself and glorify Jesus.


kt said...

Funny... I have been reading through the same blog and just last night my husband and I had a discussion about the modesty check list... I have alot to say on this but am still working it out in my head so my thoughts probably wouldn't be very helpful to share at this point.

jul said...

Well, be sure to comment some more when you're ready.

Faith said...

You should deffinitely listen to CJ's message on "The Heart of Modesty" It is REALLY good and from what I remember skips the whole "check list" thing. Yeah, I was a tad offended by that when my husband printed it out for me to read, but "the heart of modesty" can not be heard too many times!!