Sunday, July 30, 2006

Messages from Celebration Northeast Online!

The excellent messages from the Newfrontiers Family Weekend are available for free online here and of course I highly recommend listening to them all right away.
I think I already mentioned that I was especially affected by Terry's first message from John. God really used this message later the same night when I was feeling disappointed and desperate to experience Him in a real way. As I was struggling to tell Aaron what I was feeling, I said " Jesus said he wouldn't leave us as orphans but I feel like I've been left as an orphan" and in a moment the Holy Spirit revealed truth to me and he comforted me and I was certain of His presence. It wasn't a thunder and lightning type moment, but a still small voice moment. My heart had been troubled, but He spoke "let not your heart be troubled...I am with you" and that was more than enough for me. I hope God will use these messages to speak to many more people than were there in person. Technology can be a good thing sometimes...

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