Saturday, August 19, 2006

Anniversary #11

Today is our 11th anniversary. It's funny, 11 doesn't seem like a very special number. Last year we didn't do anything very special because Isaac was only a few months old which tied us down a bit. The kids will be gone today and tomorrow so we'll be all alone (so no one call us to babysit haha), and that is in my opinion enough of a special event to make me very happy. It's pretty rare that Aaron and I are actually alone, which I'm sure that anyone out there with young children can identify with. Last year I did write a country love song for Aaron,and since I haven't done anything nice like that this year, maybe I'll post the words here as a public declaration of how I feel about my wonderful husband. For those of you who don't know me, I HATE country music so the fact that I wrote a country song for him was meant to show him just how much I really do love him and am willing to sacrifice to bring him joy.

If I Don't Wake Up in Your Arms

Early on in those first years we weren't the best of friends
Mostly we were selfish and were fighting all the time
And I don't know how many times
I locked the bedroom door
And slept alone, I didn't know

That the best part of the day
Is turning out the lights
And talking till we both drift off to sleep
And the best part of the night
Is opening up my eyes
And seeing your face by the morning light
I don't wanna wake up if I don't wake up in your arms


I think we've grown, I think we've changed
I think we're best friends now
And mostly we are locking up the bedroom door together
And if I dream I'm not with you
I'm crying on my pillow
And thanking God that it's not true

repeat chorus then bridge and chorus again


And I don't want to close my eyes
Until you're by my side
'Cuz somehow somewhere along the line
You became my lullabye

So my husband, thank-you for being committed to staying married to me and loving me and our children. You have suffered from a wide array of hormonal emotions and drama: door locking/slamming,running after me down darkened streets,and even a fork stabbing over the years, but you have always forgiven me and encouraged me as God has changed me. It's an increasingly rare thing in today's world and I'm thankful that God has not only kept us together but taught us to enjoy each other more and more over the years. Marriage truly does get better with time if it is rooted in the love and grace of God.

I thought it would be fitting to put a link here for Piper's Sex and the Supremecy of Christ. For those of you who are not married, some of the sermons there may be inappropriate. My favorite teacher/preacher of sex and romance in marriage is C.J. Mahaney (even though I may not agree completely with his understanding of Song of Songs, I also don't disagree completely). His teaching on this topic is funny, honest, and more in depth than I've heard from the pulpit. I thoroughly recommend it to all married couples whether you agree with his interpretation of Song of Songs or not.

Well, that's all for now folks.


Baxter's Boy said...

Thanks for that post. In an age when so many marriages are tragically breaking up it is great to celebrate something like this with a friend! I consider you guys friends even though we've not yet met in the flesh!

Ooh you have tantalised me with your comments about Mahaney and the Song of Solomon! As you may remember he riled me somewhat with his rather blase interpretation of what he felt ;). So I would be very interested to know what you agreed with and what you didn't!

Go on - spill the beans! But I do agree with you - that sermon is a useful resource for married couples.

SteveLaBs said...

For this momentous occasion of 11 years of together for a great couple, I, a normally silent reader, thought I would post my first comment.

Congrats on surviving 11 years & 3 kids. What an accomplishment! ;)

Also, thanks Julie & Aaron as a great example of followers of Christ particularly in your roles as husband / wife / mom / dad - how you lay down your life for each other & the kids. You reflect Christ! Matt 20:26-28

jul said...

Thanks to both of you for kind words. We are so thankful to have godly friends around the world who share our vision of seeing God's kindgdom advanced. I was so surprised to get a comment, Steve! You and Katie have been an amazing blessing to us especially over the last few months.

dogimo said...

That's a beautiful set of lyrics. Thank you.