Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Regarding recent discussions in the blogosphere...

I've been watching some of the discussions sparked by the recent Sovereign Grace worship conference with interest. Some of the discussions have involved prophecy and other miraculous gifs, how to work together as believers in spite of some differences, and pride versus humility. I made some comments myself and was not exactly thrilled by the measure of pride they revealed (in myself). I just finished reading an excellent response to all this written by Bob Kauflin on Worship Matters. He is a humble man of God who I highly respect and have been priveleged to learn a great deal from over the years. If I was humbled before I read his article, I was certainly even moreso after I read it. I am always convicted of my pride in the presence of humility.


Baxter's Boy said...

The link to the Kauflin article doesn't seem to be working.

Did you mean this one?


jul said...

Thanks Dan, I think it's fixed now. I usually check my links but I forgot this time.