Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

And this year I'm thankful that this may be my last Thanksgiving in November. Bring on the October Thanksgivings!!! Also we're picking up our new van today. I just might get the kids out of the house once in a while and that's something to thank God for.

Of course, what I'm most thankful for is the grace of God that shines the light of
his truth into our lives and rescues us from our folly and blindness. While political freedom is great, spiritual freedom is far greater. May we all give thanks for our freedom from sin, punishment, eternal death, and striving to save ourselves by the letter of the law. And if you're not experiencing this freedom, may God reveal himself to you an incomparible Lord and Saviour full of mercy and grace.

Don't worry, the strongest drug I'm on is Ultra-Stress high potency B-complex with vit. C and Iron by Nature's Plus. I highly recommend it (and so does Aaron haha).

Can anyone figure out what the pictures have to do with Thanksgiving?


Coralie Cowan said...

Happy Thanksgiving, no matter the month. I'm praying you are in Canada sooner, rather than later.

jul said...

And no one even tried to guess what these pictures had to do with thanksgiving. That's so sad...