Friday, December 01, 2006

Grace, Grace, Grace

Songs are coming back to me and I'm very thankful. This means more than anything that I'm once again truly experiencing and believing grace. I can't write songs under legalism. Since leaving SGM around 6 months ago, I've slowly begun worshiping God more with either the guitar or piano. I've just looked over the songs from the past few months(3 hymns redone and 2 new songs) and realized there's a bit of a progression.

I Lay My Sins on Jesus (hymn)
Renew Me, O Eternal Light (hymn)
Hallelujah! Sing to Jesus (hymn)
There's No More Condemnation (song)
I Love Your Grace (song)

That's what I love about songs and songwriting. They're like monuments to God's work in our lives that make us remember all his goodness to us. I highly recommend that everyone finds a way to record the good things he does in some memorable way, whether through journaling, blogging, songwriting, poetry, art (drawing, painting, ect..) or whatever way you can think of that you would enjoy. Looking back over our lives in this way can cause us to praise him again and again for his sovereign love and kindness.


Coralie said...

Jul: Can you e-mail me personally? I would really like to ask you some deeper questions about this in a less public forum.

dogimo said...

Everyone should write songs. EVERYONE should write songs. EVERYONE SHOULD WRITE SONGS.

If I could flatter myself further than I'd ever deserve, I should like to consider myself a song that God has written.

You know. As opposed to a stray thought that God has thunk!

I really subscribe to the view that the true meaning of us being 'created in God's image' is that we are created creators. And to do justice to that, we must give something back! We must create.

Okay, we don't all have to write songs, I'm not legalizing here. :-) But everyone should at least give it a try! Everyone should try to write songs. At least five!