Friday, December 15, 2006

A Response to the Concern of a Couple of Important Readers...(Aaron is a Nice Guy)

Some of my readers (who shall remain anonymous) were concerned that people who don't know me or my husband personally would get the wrong idea from my last post. So for the record, Aaron is a great husband who has always respected me and treated me as an equal person. My problems are not stemming from my personal experience in marriage! Though we both began to be affected by some misapplication of Biblical principles, God in his mercy has intervened and preserved our love and respect for one another. Aaron is my best friend in this world and we are constantly discussing everything and I think we have an amazing 'iron sharpening iron' relationship, which I thoroughly enjoy. For clarification, when I mentioned fearing disagreeing with him, I was talking about fearing what others would think of me. Aaron has never discouraged me from sharing my opinions with him, in fact, he always wants to hear what I think about everything. And yes, this does involve some pretty intense disagreements at times! I wouldn't want it any other way.


oljonnyhurd said...

If I recall correctly aaron was a dick. kidding. how is your sister kelly? I haven't seen her since the horner wedding. Good to hear about people from bethany still breathing.

a suburban housewife said...

Okay, so you have links to two of my favorite peeps: Everything but the Kitchen Sink and Life Abundantly. How am I just now reading about you? I'll be back!!

jul said...

Hi John. Yep, we're still alive, breathing and trying to get back to my home and native land. Kelly's doing pretty good, living in Toronto these days. You can find her on Myspace if you like, as well as hear her music (let me know if you need help finding her on there).

And housewife, thanks for stopping by. I try to be good, but read at your own risk. I love having input, questions, and constructive criticism. I've read your blog before I believe and just checked it out again. Great flashbacks!