Monday, February 12, 2007

My Husband's Love

My husband's love for me has endured and grown for over eleven years. His love has encouraged me when I was tearfully afraid to give a speech , and laughed with me when I put my foot in my mouth again. It has stood stoically in front of a church full of strangers and watched me come down the aisle to join our lives together until death separates us. His love has chased a pajama clad sock-footed wife down the darkened streets of small town hell, and come to rescue her from her own insanity despite fork stabbings and mule kicks. His love has never given up even in the face of extreme emotional claims of 'you always' and 'you never', inevitably finally wrapping its arms around me to bring me back to reality. It has given up food and sleep to hold my hand and resist fainting through three natural child births, and it has pushed me out the door to peace and quiet after days of toddler tantrums and footprints of paint across our living room floor. This love has never tired of praising every success I've had, and it has given me the freedom to become everything I was created to be. His love has kept me warm in the winter of discouragement and depression, and cooled me down in the heat of my battles. His love has been faithful and trustworthy, and has never never left me alone. While this man of mine is far from perfect, it is very very clear that he's the perfect one for me.

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