Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Charismatic Resurgence and a Challenge to Bloggers

I have been very very disturbed by a sermon I've been listening to. It was such evil bewitching legalistic heresy that I felt like crying, screaming, and vomiting at the same time. Though I'm tempted to give you all the info I'm going to refrain, at least for now, since I'm not sure it would be helpful.

I do want to put a challenge out there to all my fellow bloggers who long to see God move in power and glory. Prayerfully consider the links you put on your blog and the ministries you recommend to others. So many are legalistic and becoming more and more blatantly legalistic as they are praised by others for their great 'holiness'. We are not doing people a service by pointing them in any direction but GRACE. There is no power in the law, and legalism will kill us spiritually and make us resistant to God's Spirit. It is ONLY as we begin to preach and live pure grace that we will move in the power of the Spirit as we're called to. It's time to use discernment and not give in to the grace hating spirit EVEN FOR A MOMENT!!!!

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rick said...

Amen to your post and yes I'm back. I just needed a break to get things back in perspective. I found I was blogging in an attempt to get readers - definitely not my original intent and definitely not what I want to be about.

But I think I'm refocused and I find blogging to be great way to capture what God is teaching me and to have fun ... so I'm back.