Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

I'm a day late but yesterday was Mother's Day here in the Americas (yes, that means Canada too). I'll start off by saying Happy Mother's Day to a couple of friends, first of all Katie because it's her first and also Coralie because I'm so happy for her in her pregnancy and loving all the details.

I got time alone for my gift! I headed out to enjoy nature with my guitar, songs, hymnbook, and Bible. I stopped at a park and went for a walk, then moved on to a different park to worship and enjoy the peace and quiet with God. It was a beautiful day and just to prove it I took lots of pictures of the second park. It's rather shocking how beautiful northern Delaware can be.

I was reminded more than once of Dan's prophetic picture about the dandelions, especially since it was a windy day and I was sitting surrounded by fuzzy floating flying seeds .

I really love the wind. I love the unpredictability of what it will do --which way it will blow or will it stop dead for a moment then rush and tear wildly around the next. It has always made me feel that God is right there with me and all around me doing whatever he wants. I love that about God. He's everywhere always doing what he wants and we'll see him more and more clearly as the church ushers in his kingdom of heaven on earth. The whole world will see his goodness, kindness, love, and compassion. And they will no longer be able to deny his unchangeable unstoppable power. They won't even want to.

Then a family with 4 children came walking down the hill to go for a walk, I suppose in part because it was Mother's Day. The kids were running full speed down the hill reminding me of how exhilarating it was to run as a child in a big open space. Well, one of the girls, around 11 I suppose, fell and hurt her ankle. After much yelling and carrying on , the father finally went back up to see why she wasn't coming down. This resulted in the whole family eventually abandoning their plans for a walk and the mother was quite obviously disgusted with her daughter. No one would help the poor girl get back up the hill so she hobbled quite dejectedly until she finally landed at a picnic table. I was getting ready to leave and was passing right by her and I felt such compassion for her. I could see how miserable she was, her mother still angry and her ankle hurting. I said did you hurt your leg and she nodded. Then her mother came over and starting trying to look at her foot and I said this may be strange but would you mind if I prayed for her? And I was not prepared for the response. I think I would have been ready for a yes or a no or fear or well, just about anything except what I got. She completely ignored me (the mother) and pretended I wasn't even there. Didn't look at me or answer...nothing. So there I was standing like a fool not knowing what to do! I asked if there was anything else I could do and she acknowledged my existence saying they were fine so I left. But I felt strangely successful. I had compassion and I took a step of faith; God is definitely doing something with me.

So I went home and Aaron and I went out together for a while. Movie, dinner, good conversation, and some wandering around. All in all, a great day. Hope all you mothers out there can say the same.

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