Thursday, May 24, 2007

The ummm...Donut Man...??

My sister Kelly just posted these pictures with captions on her facebook and they me laugh so hard I asked her if I could put them up here (with her original captions). She said sure so here they are!

this is a strange man. he brought 2 dozen donust to trinity bellwood park, took them out one by one and set them on the dirty bench then threw away the boxes. he then sat down beside them and ate every single one in about 5 minutes. this is maybe one of the strangest things ive ever seen in toronto and thats saying alot!

strange man and donuts

strange man eating donuts

still eating donuts

and again mike (Kelly's fiance) watching me take pictures of the strange man eating donuts

i was brave and took a picture of strange man eating donuts from the front, there are still a few left on the bench

I just have to say that it's slightly ironic that Kelly thinks this is the weirdest thing she's ever seen in Toronto. I mean, have you ever seen a girl riding an old fashioned bike down the road with a canary named Mr. Banana Bird in the basket?


kelly-sue said...

good point. but i am clearly sane.haha i wish i could eat that many donuts and be as skinny as that man.

jul said...

ahhh, now that would be great.