Monday, June 11, 2007

Name Ideas With 'grace'

Anyone else not liking the new auto save on blogger? I just lost my post as it seems if you don't save your draft before you hit publish you lose it all...So here I go again!

Thanks to all of you who gave me name suggestions. Here are a few more I've come up with:

Under Grace

Finding Grace

Manifestations of Grace

Grace and Truth (John 1:17)

Great Power, Much Grace (Acts 4:33)

Full of Grace and Power (Acts 6:8)

Grace and Power

This Grace (Romans 5:2)

Standing in Grace (Romans 5:2)

Grace Has Been Given! (Ephesians 4:7)

I'm still pondering (when I have a chance to). I also like words like 'freedom', 'life', 'Spirit', 'fire', 'charismatic', 'joy', well, you get the idea. Many of these have already come up in your suggestions. So what do you think? (FYI: the references would not be included in the title.) I don't want a name that I can possible outgrow...I didn't realize this would be such a diffictult decision!


Steve & Katie LaBs said...

I like the grace and power mixture... KLaBs

Anonymous said...

What about just charis? That captures both the thought of grace and hints at charismatic

Phil said...

How about 'graceful living'?

It's life and grace....

Joel said...

For some reason, I hear a variation of the old hymn: "Grace is thy faithfulness, O God our Father..."

Your blog doesn't really look this aggressive, but how about "In Your Face Grace?" I've always wanted to see somebody use that phrase.

Phil, is the Martha Stewart parallel on purpose? :)

dogimo said...

I hate the new autosave function on blogger.