Friday, June 08, 2007

Rob Rufus Ad

I know there are people reading my blog who have consistently ignored my admonitions to listen to Rob Rufus preaching. Shame on you! No , not really hehe but I thought I'd put up some comments about his preaching I've come across from other people so you'd get the idea that I'm not alone in loving this stuff.

"...I've been working through the sermons on their church website and each one never fails to move me to tears in some way!!"
--Dan Bowen, Life on Wings

"Rob then invited the Holy Spirit to come and the most awesome time followed, times of intimacy with God where his love was so tangibly present, followed by power encounters and times of the most heavenly worship I've ever experienced....awesome!!!"
--Sarah D, sarah d ramblings

"The lead elder (pastor) couple from a new church plant in Hong Kong was our guest speaker, he was amazing!"

and number 7 on her list of recommended authors/preachers:

". Rob Rufus (if you read my blog -- you'll know why, if you want to learn anything about Grace... you've met your teacher!)"
--Shasher, Shasher's Stories

"If you are reading this blog and are cynical about this teaching, you simply HAVE to listen to this talk. Right now I am crying like a baby and simply cannot write notes anymore."
--Adrian Warnock commenting on TOAM session 4, Rob Rufus

And there you have it. I can personally relate to the crying thing. I don't think I can listen to much of anything Rob says without crying or laughing or some other response. It's actually a response to the manifest presence of God that comes whenever I've got one of his sermons on. Come on now!!! (See, if you've been listening to him you'll get that...)

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