Sunday, July 15, 2007

Now That I KNOW the Gospel!!!

I have to say that one of the most exciting things about this amazing ongoing revelation of pure grace that Aaron and I have been living in for the past few months is that we are 'getting' the gospel for the first time. I mean, we've understood parts of it at different times, and we had a mostly true cerebral understanding of what the gospel was, but now we are really really KNOWING it. It's changing our lives completely, almost as if (ahem) it had some kind of power over us and in us!

The glorious thing about it is that is seems the more revelation we receive the more it just keeps on coming. It started out slowly but now it's as if we receive fresh revelation every day and it's incredibly exciting to have all that Bible knowledge that once puffed us up come to life in the Spirit (or be put to death by the Spirit if it was a wrong understanding). When I was home in Canada recently, I began to be excited just thinking about preaching this message of pure grace to the people there. I have an ever-growing confidence that this is the best and most powerful way to change the whole world, and that as we are committed to immersing ourselves in pure grace we'll take the wonderful glorious presence of Jesus with us everywhere we go. I'm no longer worried about have powerful gifts of healing or miracles because I believe they will naturally and effortlessly flow when we boldly live in pure grace (yes Rob, we are really getting it!). Evangelism will literally be a breeze, or perhaps more like a hurricane!

And to all those who are skeptical that grace is really that powerful and we really need a little bit of law or guidelines or suggestions to keep us going in the right direction:

I just have to thank God for many answers to prayer, answers that are being realized for the first time and all since we have begun to come more and more into true grace. I was watching my husband last night singing worship songs and taking an opportunity to preach grace a bit (at a birthday party no less) and I can tell you he's a different man than he was even a month ago. I almost don't even know him. There is a boldness and fiery passion rising up in him that is (I think) apostolic. Increasingly he won't stand for even a hint of law and will graciously but fiercely fight for grace in people's lives. This from a guy who was so bound up in legalism and fear of man that I used to wonder if he cared about anything much, he lacked passion so badly. He lived in constant defeat and condemnation. Basically, I'm watching him pass from the ministry of death into the ministry of life. And it's happening to me too.

I realize that using phrases like 'pure grace' and 'true gospel' aren't very helpful. I mean lots of people steeped in law use these kinds of words too. They just don't know what they're talking about! I think I'll have to put together something just telling the gospel as I see it in Scripture to give an idea of what I actually mean. I want to see it myself, as I think I'll be surprised what comes out of me...


Robert Ivy said...

I'm so happy for you! Praise God! I, too, have been granted new vistas of God's grace recently and so I think I can understand partially what you mean. But I'm praying, like you, to always get more and more and experience it in ways that I never have before!

Truly the Gospel is good news! I wish we all could feel it and see it with fresh eyes!

jul said...

So good to hear you're experiencing more grace. Thanks for your encouragement.

By the way, will you be writing anything yourself soon? I keep checking back but all to no avail!

Grace said...

I Jul. Found your blog and will spend some time in the next day or so reading through it.

Please read Gal 4v22-30. God is going to expose/remove legalism from the church. I am busting with excitement as the Spirit is opening the eyes of me and my brothers and sisters.

I have a friend who stays in Chartollesville. Is that anywhere near you? I am from South Africa, so not too sure of the geography.

jul said...

Great passage! Of course, you can never go wrong with Galatians. Our youngest son is named Isaac, I believe I have a post somewhere about the prophetic nature of his place in our family.

Can you be more specific about the location of your friend? It is in North Carolina?

Also feel free to use the "e-mail me" link on my blog if you are uncomfortably sharing specific info like that publicly. Hope you enjoy the blog!

lawrence said...

so quick question. What do you mean when you say your husband "won't even allow a hint of the law"?

Grace said...

Greetings to you, Aaron and your kiddies.

Your story is amazing (what I have read to date). It really is wonderful being able to be who the Father has called us to be. Bless you guys.

I am sorry at the passing of your Granny. I pray peace comes to your whole family.

He stays in Verginia - Charlottesville???

I look forward to reading and learning from your blog.

Take care