Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm Finally Writing Something...

But probably not much! The kids and I are in Canada at my parents house, and have been here a little over a week now. Aaron is still in DE, still working on the house, and we've had lots of people looking at it over the past couple of weeks but still no offers.

Things are going well here, considering how many people are in the house and kids seem to be adjusting better this week. Eva and Ben started school last week and they had a bit of a rough start but I've been able to talk and pray them through things and they've done very well. I've done so much baking for school lunches though! Isaac and skinny kitty are doing well to. Yes, for those of you who know about the poor starving street cat who got stuck in our basement a few months back, she managed to worm her way into the family by taking on the role of the cat who came back. I don't think she conceived of the possibility that there could be so much grass, trees, and open space in the world...I'm enjoying being back in the country myself and the kids all love playing outside.

There's no place to go to church though. I drove 2 hours to Frederiction last Sunday to visit The Meeting Place but Isaac put up such a fight at the nursery that I turned around and came home without getting to talk to anyone or be in the service. Oh well. As my wise husband said "next time don't take the kids".

On the way home I was listening to some kind of old school back woods preacher on the radio and he had me yelling at him most of the time as he said things like 'God's gonna take us out to the woodshed' and generally had a great time preaching doom and gloom, death and judgement on our nation. He said we were long overdue...And of course his version of salvation was 'stop sinning or else'. How's that for Good News? So I finally turned him off and I started talking to God. How are people who grew up hearing this stuff all their lives going to be able to receive the message of true grace? And then God started saying "They're so ready to hear about grace. They've heard the law preached their whole lives, and they know they need a Saviour! The harvest is ready!" I can tell you I felt a lot better about things after that.

Well, I don't have much more to say at the moment. I already wrote much more than I expected to so I guess I'll stop now.


Daelon said...

Amazing. I never really thought about that. That is, why God allows all this law preaching to go on. Could it possibly be to lead people to Christ? That sounds like God using evil for good. Amazing..I don't think I ever though of that.

I love hearing about you yelling at him! LOL! I do the same thing when I hear any teaching on law or whatnot. And I will ask God, "How in the world does he expect people to quit sinning when they're dead on the inside?" or something to that nature. Thats so funny.

Thanks for sharing!

Grace said...

Hi Jul

Good read your post.

I also wondered why the Father allows His children to be put through the hardship of the law, then I thought about myself (and Paul) and wondered if I would have ever grabbed on to the wonderful grace that our Father has given us so freely. Would we be so passionate about other people hearing the "Good News"?

jul said...

D, yep those of us who are coming more and more out of Old Covenant thinking into 'this glorious grace in which we stand' are certainly exploding with passion for the truth and anger at the lies of the enemy. Even the people who thought they were conservative find out otherwise when they begin to come alive to God through a real revelation of the gospel, they get turned into yellers, shouters, weepers, laughers, lovers, fighters, and all that good stuff hehe.

Grace, I am so thankful that God allowed us to experience legalism in so many different forms. We know what living under the law is like and the bad fruit it produces, all the more motivation for us to stick with grace. And yes, we have a passion for seeing people set free that we just wouldn't have if not for our own experiences. One of the things I love most about this amazing God of ours is that there's always more dimensions of his love and grace to be experienced. It's a never ending upward spiral of pure joy!

SLW said...

Fredericton, NB? Are two hours towards ME, USA or some other direction? I have a lot of relatives throughout the State of ME. My grandmother was Canadian.

jul said...

I'm 2 hours further in the Moncton area. I actually grew up in Maine, one of my favorite states. Right on the coast an hour or so from Bar Harbor in Jonesport/Beals Island.

Coralie said...

Wow! My sister and her husband and kids are in Moncton! That's where we spent spring break!

jul said...

We might meet yet! That would be great. Where do they go to church (if they do)?