Thursday, October 25, 2007

Aaron is here!!!

He's been here since Saturday and we've even had a couple of days all by ourselves on the beautiful Prince Edward Island. Keep praying that all will go well with finding a job, car, place to live, and immigration. It's pretty complicated moving from one country to another. It's very good to have him with us again--the kids were very happy to see him to say the least. Hopefully the church thing will begin to take shape soon as well, any ideas for a name? We're leaning toward "New Covenant Grace Church" (I hope I'm allowed to divulge that information haha). And just for the fun of it I'll put up a couple of pictures as well.


Coralie said...

YAY! Isn't it nice to be re-united? I don't know how military wives do it.

Who is immigrating? You, Aaron, the kids . . .?

jul said...

It's very nice to be together again and I don't know how military wives do it either. I'm the Canadian, and since the kids have a Canadian parent they are considered Canadian as soon as they come into the country to live, so that part's is thankfully easy. Aaron is the one with all the complications, but fortunately Canada seems much easy to immigrate to than the U.S.

Grace said...

My prayers are with you.
Great name for a church.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jul,

check your email! :)