Monday, January 14, 2008

Hearing Angelic Voices?

Now, I freely confess to having a vivid imagination, but I don't think this was my imagination. Last night we went to bed a little late (after a great conversation with Don, thanks Don!) and as we were lying in bed I started to hear singing. And yes, I was fully awake so was Aaron. I asked him if the radio was on and he checked it and said no.

So I continued to hear what sounded like a choir singing very far in the distance. I couldn't hear many words but could make out little bits like "Jesus, Jesus", "hallelujah" ( I know, so cliche...)and I seemed to be able to understand generally that the song was about what Jesus accomplished, his complete victory over the enemy, and the redemption of man. I have to say it was a very interesting experience. I was straining very hard to hear more of the words but couldn't seem to get 'close' enough.

I've been asking God to take me on a little trip to heaven lately, and I don't think I got there, but I distinctly felt closer than ever before! I've been having a drier time lately having trouble really experiencing God's presence as much as I want to so last night was wonderful and surprising, believe me nothing like this has ever happened to me before, not for lack of asking though! It really came unexpectedly and well, I hope it's just a little taste of things to come...

For a great prophetic word concerning angels, you can check out Dan's post (A Prophecy of Angels-Ministering Spirits!) which includes a transcription of a prophecy Ryan Rufus brought at the Glory and Grace conference a few months ago in Hong Kong.


lydia joy said...

Wow Julie ~ that's exciting and encouraging!! Guess we should keep asking for more .....

dogimo said...

If you were able to remember the tune, take it as a gift and write a song to fit the tune and the experience.

Dan Bowen said...

That is so exciting! I always used to think (with my conservative charismatic background) that if dreams were had, then we had to view them with suspicion. But I think like you benefiting from Ryan's prophecy and from Kylie and Ryan's sermon - I have begun to see that actually dreams ARE there in the Word of God and we should eagerly expect God to speak to us through Him if He so desires.

But just as with angelic voices, I am so so excited that you heard angels sing. Wow!! I've been very limited in what I have heard. Although I did have that vision of them in Hong Kong, I went on to hear a definite "rustling of robes" as they walked by and through the people. This was during the worship.

What thrills me the most is that it is clear that the "veil" between the earthly realm and the eternal realm is becoming thin. And surely that is right! Look at the New Testament! I wonder how Phillip reacted when the Spirit transported him hundreds of miles away!?! Maybe that is something for me in 2008 - I am going to wake up and be in Canada so I can come visit you without a plane ticket! ;)

Dan Bowen said...

I just thought you might be interested in some notes I am making of the Prayer Meeting at City Church after the Grace and Glory Conference. It really shows the landmark which Rob and the church are looking for.

"When someone is healed in the meeting like that guy who had his deaf ear opened - that is a little angel, a healing angel. When we see personal blessings which are just so special to each one of us and it is special to each one of us to actually see that - that is precious and tender. But those are healing angels! They come and they minister and they bless us and we get goosebumps and we want more of that and God please give us more of that!

We get that blessing as the people of God - but the longer the revival is sustained and the longer the revival continues it begins to attract in bigger angels. Not just angels who bring blessing to us as individuals (and we want to keep those - we want more of those) but the longer the revival is sustained the greater cherubim and seraphim start coming in and then arch-angels start coming in. And when they get attracted to that glory realm through sustained revival, those arch-angels and higher ranking angels begin to push back principalities and powers and open wider portals of glory over a city. When that happens more and more people in a secular society in Hong Kong and religious life of Hong Kong are going to have glory encounters in normal every day life".

So although our experience should increasingly begin to involve angels, we should actually be expecting the involvement of bigger and more high-ranking angels!