Monday, January 28, 2008

Internet Connections

A few years back, I often lamented having no real friends. I was pretty lonely, and really had no close relationships with anyone outside of my husband and family. Growing up, we moved a lot and I was naturally very shy and fearful, withdrawn, thoughtful, and melancholic. Though I had an amazing intimate relationship with God, for which I'm still very thankful, I had very few normal childhood friendships. Thank-you God for giving me a sister to grow up with, or I would have been a hermit I think!

I think one of the greatest fruits of coming into grace has been a growing love for and enjoyment of people. And just over the past couple of years, God has put several very close and wonderful relationships into our lives. It's been amazing! But even stranger have been the relationships with people we've never met! Truly what was an area of great lack is now an expression of God's lavish abundant rich grace to me.

We've recieved prophetic words, jokes and stories, testimonies, encouragement, links to many various helpful teachings and resources, prayer support and more than any one thing alone, great fellowship-- all through this wonderful ability to connect to easily to anyone anywhere in the world. And as time goes on we actually meet or talk on the phone with more and more of the people we meet online.

So to all my friends out there in the world, thanks for being our friends, our brothers and sisters, we consider you some of our greatest blessings in this world, we love you all and thank God for you every day!

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jared said...

I would be one of those friends! We've never met in person, but the internet and telephone can do amazing things!