Thursday, March 06, 2008

Invading the Impossible--Buying a House

We looked at 3 houses yesterday, none of which are "the one". It's funny because there's no earthly way we could get a mortgage right now, or for quite some time having 0 savings left and no credit in Canada, and not a long enough job history here.

There's a book called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" that Aaron got for Christmas one year which talks about two different mindsets that directly influence whether we'll be prosperous or not in this world, not a spiritually minded book in the least, but lately God has been bringing that phrase to my mind. Do I live like my Dad is rich or poor? I grew up with a poor mentality, when I was young we often had very little money for food and people would drop of food on our doorstep many times just when we needed it. God always provided, and it was great to live that way in one way, but my mentality both with my parents and with God was to only ask for the least amount possible, what I really needed and nothing more. Now God is reminding me that not only is he rich, but he's very generous and really enjoys lavishing good gifts on his children, just like any loving parent does!

So anyway, while driving away from the last house we saw, which was very low in price and pretty much unlivable, God spoke to me that the elders should be given to hospitality. And that is really on our hearts and it's killing us not being able to have our own place to have people in for meals and really get to know them. But he then said if hospitality is so important to him, then we should ask him to be hospitable to us first so we can be hospitable to others. In other words, we need him to give us a home first, BUT WE NEED TO ASK. I think as far as requirements that God has in order for us to receive from him, this is a pretty simple one. We just need to ask. It's that easy, because the work is finished, in Jesus we already qualify for every blessing!

The temptation all along has been to feel we should 'settle' for a place that is not ideal for what we need it for and also to settle for a place that looks more practical but is not the home we would really like. But when I got home again, God told me to look for my farmhouse. This is something I had given up hoping for because I thought it was impossible and not practical and I didn't 'need' it. So I looked, and I found the perfect place. We've been looking at houses on the internet for months but hadn't seen this one because we weren't looking in that area. It's a very good price (less that 2 we looked at yesterday) under 90,000 with 5 bedrooms and 50 acres of land backing onto a small river. Anyone who knows me can imagine how much I would love this! So now we just need the money, such a small matter haha! I told Aaron last night that when I looked at the pictures it was the first time I really felt faith rising up in me to believe it's possible, and of course it is! There are other impossible things happening right now and I'll share them a little bit later, so stay tuned...


Shash said...

My hubby loves that book, he even bought the game and the kid's version of the game too.

God does want us to prosper in every area of our lives. He is a good Father and a generous one to boot.

There are few great books my hubby has on finances, one I can think of off the top of my head is by a Rabbi called, "Thou Shalt Prosper".

We were created for more than enough. He is able!

SLW said...

I like the recognition that all you have to do is ask. "Ask and it will be given unto you." I'll pray with you and Aaron that God will grant you the home you need.

lydia joy said...

Wow, 90k, 5 bdrs and 50 acres, .....maybe we do need to move to Canada!!
Can't wait to hear how God answers!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying. The Lord knows what you need, and what your church plant needs. He'll look after the details.

Don said...

Yow!! =:-D

silent wings said...

This is sooo faith building. Thankyou! My husband and I moved to New Brunswick almost 4 years ago after resigning from ministry for a season and came under a real struggle with "fear and lack". My daughter wants a horse (or a herd of horses) but even a house of our own has been out of the question all this time. The other day God reminded me of the saddle I bought for her before we moved here (as a prophetic act) and for a moment I felt faith arise. Thanks for posting this. I look forward to hearing the good news!

I think I am beginning to understand more and more what Father meant when He told Heidi Baker "I died that there would always be enough."