Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Todd Bentley in Lakeland Florida

There's a bit of a buzz about what's happening in Lakeland Florida recently. Apparently Todd Bentley was scheduled to do some meetings down there at Ignited Church and then felt he should stay indefinitely. You can watch live streaming video, and there are many testimonies coming out from the meetings. And it also seems that pastors and others are flying from around the world to get a taste, though many cannot even get into the building it's so full.

A friend of ours from Florida has recently visited and posted a detailed account along with some great pictures on his blog. Dan is also watching online and blogging his reactions here and here.

What do I think? I'm only a little familiar with Todd's ministry, having listened to a message of his a while back and really liked it. Not only did I like it, but I really felt I got a great impartation of faith from it. Is he a flaky charismatic? I would answer a resounding YES! Of course I think that's a compliment. He's not the flaky charismatic of past years, because nowadays charismaniacs also know Scripture and for all the weirdness, they actually have something of substance to share as well. Not to mention I don't regard healing and casting out of demons to be peripheral ministry, but the real work of the kingdom, the works that are inseparable from true gospel preaching! (And maybe I would argue that the non-charismatic wonderless ministries are the ones truly without substance....hehehe that was brave of

Looking forward to hearing and watching more with much much interest!

Just realized Todd has a blog as well...

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