Thursday, July 31, 2008

From Bertie Brits...

I just signed up for 5 Minute Bible School with Bertie on his website. It's basically a series of 5 minute teachings with Scripture to look up for yourself and a few questions to answer and send in for evaluation. And it's all free! I really appreciate grace ministers like Bertie and Rob who provide these resources for free. There is a place on both Bertie's site Dynamic Love Ministries and City Church's now for donations if you like to help them financially to get the good news out!

I'm really looking forward to digging a lot more into the amazing resources Bertie has available, so far I've only really browsed a little! But I'm entering into a feeding frenzy phase hehe, I tend to go in cycles with reading and devouring truth and then settle down to let it digest really well. If anyone else is interested in doing the Bible School (or is already doing it), I'd love to hear about all the revelation you're getting!

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