Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Guilt-free Breaking of Bread Song

Ok, so this probably won't end up being the real title of the song...but I think that the breaking of bread (or communion, the Lord's supper) has been dominated by a seriously fearful and ashamed atmosphere for too long. If we come to the Lord's table still hanging our heads with thoughts of sin swirling around in our heads, then we are in danger of eating unworthily. We would not be accepting the body that was broken for us, we would be equating his precious blood with that of a lamb or bull which had only partial or temporary power to allow us entrance into God's presence without absolute confidence of his mercy.

Recently I wrote this song, it's one of those songs that came with minimal work and head scratching. The recording is bad but who cares? I think you can get the general idea from it. I didn't set out to write a guilt-free breaking of bread song, but as I sang it I was struck with how perfect it would be for that and I felt like getting a bunch of people together to have a feast in God's awesome presence, enjoying food, each other, and celebrating God's infinite mercy and goodness to us. How amazingly he demonstrated his love in humbly coming to earth in human form, living in this sinful world as we do yet not sinning, taking up the cause of the poor, sick, abandoned, and despised, and ultimately sacrificing everything to save us and restore us back to the Father and then conquering our every enemy in his resurrection to make us sons representing him here and doing the exciting work of ushering in his kingdom on earth.

I can't believe I used to be afraid to take communion! I thought I had to be righteous enough by my obedience to God and a variety of Christian rules and regulations. Now I'm free to celebrate Jesus when the bread and cup come my way! I'm not righteous because of my actions and if ever ever I break bread based on feeling in any way worthy based on my performance, then I'm eating and drinking in an unworthy manner. The bread and wine IS my righteousness, if I refuse the body and blood of Christ, then I'll never be worthy but eternally condemned. So here's the song, let me know what you think (had to put it in video format to upload to blogger.)
Here are the words:
Be quiet now
Rest your soul
Lay your head down
Let go of control

Nothing you've done
Or ever could do
Can make you right
Or disqualify you

You've done everything that we could not do
We believe in you

Remember his death
His body and blood
We have been cleansed
Redeemed by his blood

We remember we're free
From guilt, fear, and shame
Risen with him
Up from the grave


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silent wings said...

Wow Julie that's beautiful! I think we should share communion together next time. :)

SLW said...

Not a bad communion song at all! Maybe you could make a lead sheet available?

Sheila said...

Lovely song, Jul. Ah, the rich message of grace. Human beings ALWAYS default into "working our way", don't we? Being continually reminded is so good for us - and you seem to have that ministry! You are God's Beautiful Post-It Note, daily reminding His people to think on GRACE ALONE.

Blessings on your day, dear one!