Thursday, April 09, 2009

Life Under the Law is Like This.... (Nickel Creek-Doubting Thomas)

I've always loved this song so much, and I was inspired by Sheila over at A Season of Harvest to post some Nickel Creek. And, like my good friend Dan, I'm often moved by secular songs far more than Christian songs...and dare I say, often they are more truthful.

This song always reminds me of how difficult it is sometimes growing up in the religious church world, I mean, it is too often very confusing. And depressing. As I've often said, I'm very thankful I was brought up in the church learning lots of truth from an early age and coming into a relationship with God very young, but there is a lot of unlearning I've had to do as well. This song always reminds me of the prodigals, both those I know and those I don't. And it makes me long for them to come home to their Father who loves them and isn't waiting to load them down with heavy burdens but just wants to give them rest.


Eric Novak said...

Actually Per this article:

Nickel Creek band members confirm that they are all Christians. Just that the band isn't labeled as Christian.

Eric Novak

jul said...

Thanks Eric, that's nice to know. I honestly didn't know if they were or weren't, but it's obvious that whoever writes the lyrics is quite familiar with Christianity.

dogimo said...

That's a beautiful song! Didn't know it.

Like the guitar hook.

Thanks, Jul!

My problem with religious education is, you can't teach a person to think and tell them what to think at the same time.

Sheila said...

I didn't know they (Nickel Creek) were professing Christians!

And i had not seen this clip it.