Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Higher Life

The wonderful thing about perfection in Jesus is that it is not contained within the boundaries of worldly standards. Perfection is contained in the power of identifying with the life of Jesus (our life) seated at the right hand of God. This truth gives us awesome power over situations wherein we would be seen as defeated according to worldly standards.

We never have to feel ashamed or defeated because of our situation for our situation is not the reflection of our state but His glory is the manifestation of the state we are in. Let’s grab a hold of eternal life and start to see beyond the 70-100 years of life we expect on this planet. We are more than what it might look like to the world. There is nothing this world offers that can add to the power that we voice in simply preaching and believing GRACE.

Paul was seen as a small Apostle compared with those that walk with Jesus yet he was the one that God gave the greatest revelation. Paul suffered the most; he was greatly persecuted by Jew and gentile. He was poor and suffered rejection of those whom he dearly loved. He was never seen as this great preacher by the church – he was seen as a troublemaker instead. This got to him at a stage but God said look at my GRACE (the revelation you have Paul) for that is enough.

Don’t look at the picture you think others see of you. Walk in the light of His strength that does not need any assistance based on worldly standards. We have been made complete in Jesus and need nothing but to be conscious of this truth.

Bertie Brits

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Jamie said...

OH! I like this!!

How did that Paul manage to sing while chained? He was living from a heavenly perspective. Paul realized the Kingdom of God resided in him and he chose by faith to live from that perspective. Whatever his circumstance!