Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Names...

In case you haven't heard, we've found out that we're having a girl. I already knew that, but some people needed some sort of confirmation. Anyway, Aaron and I always have a hard time agreeing on names but I thought it would be fun to see what other people think. Not that it matters really! I like old fashioned names, and I do not like trendy or popular names. Feel free to use trendy and popular names for you own babies, but I just don't prefer them myself. I also don't like soap opera names, or names that have bad meanings. A name should have a good (or at least not bad) meaning either literally or through being a worthy namesake. The middle name will most likely be Glorianna (glorious grace) so it's the first name that's up for debate.

Here are some of my picks, they'll be roughly in order according to which ones I like most:

Alice (noble, also my grandfather's mother's name)

Margaret (pearl, also a name hated by Aaron and most of my family haha)

Felicity (happy, with possible nickname Lettie)

Wren (small brown song bird)

Charlotte (little, womanly, probably go by Lottie)

Adeline (nobility)

Priscilla (ancient, famous woman I'm thankful shows up in NT, probably go by Cilla)

Sage (wise, healthy)

Agatha, Agnes (good, pure, probably go by Aggie)

Well, there are a few...we'll probably have a little list with us when she's born to see who she looks like!


lydia said...

oooh oooh my two favs are most definitely - Felicity and Adeline!!!!!! Maybe both Adeline Felicity!!What could be better a joyful daughter of great nobility of the King of Kings!!!

Perhaps you should tell everyone what Eva's full name is.....that could be helpful!! Miss you!!! Praying blessings over this precious little princess!!

Jamie said...

I like the idea of having your list with you and saying,"Oh! There you are _______! WELCOME!"

I waited to give Devon her middle name for a few days...just to see who she was. She was most definitely "Devon Jayne". :)

The Lewis Family said...

I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with Lydia. I quite like Felicity and Adeline. My little 5 yr old's name is Adielle (ornament of God - God's witness) Juliana (youthful-favoured grace)which I suppose would be fairly close to Adeline Glorianna - perhaps that is why I like that name. . . :)

Matthew Campbell said...

I quite like Wren and Felicity. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Congrats guys.
No idea about names. Sorry

dogimo said...

Congratulations Jul!

In terms of which goes best with the pretty-much-set middle name, I'd say Agnes Glorianna. A ring to it!

Jamie said...

OK...after much serious thought and deliberation, (and at the risk of GREAT BODILY INJURY), I'd like to suggest you use Glorianna as her first name and Beatrix or Beatrice as her second. Then you can always holler, "GLORY BEA!"


jul said...

Jamie, how did I miss your comment? You are so creative but somehow I don't think your idea will win the day...

And thanks everyone else for weighing in.

janelle said...

Charlotte Glorianna. Though my brother likes old fashioned names too so his two daughters are Elsie and Eleanor.

Eleanor Glorianna has a ring to it...:-)

Jamie said...

Julie, my sweet,

I wasn't going for the win. I was going for the shout of laughter. :)

I'm holding out for the BABY, not her name. My baby and her older sister recently had a shopping spree at Victoria's Secret. YIKES! That is JUST WRONG! (I'll send you the postage for shipping HRH down, OK?)

Blessings, Jul.

Sheila said...

Jul, I am smiling from ear to ear. A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please do give me your address...a PO Box is fine, or a business address if you are not comfortable with emailing me your home addy.

I'm thinking Sheila Glorianna would be most fitting.

The name Sheila is said to mean anything from "blind" to "blind faith" to "contented heart" to "musical". In Hebrew, it means simply "prayer". :-)

I just think it has a ring to it.


(Jamie's comment had me rollllling.)

Jamie said...

BTW, I MISS YOU & I love your Facebook pic!! Did you swallow a melon seed? Those overalls, those boots, that "baby bump"...what a fashion statement! You is SIMPLY MAH-VA-LOUS, Dahling.