Thursday, October 29, 2009

Defining Sin...

Very clever, I think you'll enjoy this makes a very clear and importannt point. So check out "It's Time For Me to Confess".


Jamie said...


Thank you for the link and the laugh! I MOST SINCERELY needed it.

You mean you didn't laugh hard enough to break your water? RATS!
I find myself praying for a good, strong pressure dropping front to move through your area. My doctor always said storm fronts bring babies. :) But NOT a blizzard, OK?

On a more serious note, thank you for your strong, unswerving, & delightfully gracious voice. I am so often encouraged and comforted by yours and others words. Thank you for being real, Julie, and for the Christ you share.

Love & blessings.

lydia said...

I am so thinking of you - just wanted you to know, I am routing for a great birthing experience right about now.........Praying all is well!! Love you and miss you!!

Jamie said...

Congratulations, Jul! We are so happy for your family!! Miss Amilia is adorable. :)

Grace upon grace,

sparrow girl said...

Hey I sometimes read your blog but have never commented. I just heard the good news about your new baby and wanted to say congratulations!