Thursday, February 17, 2005

writing for sanity's sake

I know or at least strongly suspect noone else will ever read what I write, but I think it would be good if write something anyway. Having young children, while a good thing for sure, has basicly turned my brain to mush. I have realized lately that I don't enjoy much in life anymore, such as music, art, and beautiful things in general. I used to have time to think and enjoy my creator but I no longer make that a priority. More than anything, while this leaves me personally joyless, this is making it impossible for me to bring glory to the one who saved my soul. Isn't that my purpose for existing here in the first place? Somewhere between leaky roofs, leaky diaper, and a dozen eggs smashed onto my living room floor, I've forgotten that I've been saved from the pit of hell. No matter how I may feel, this is earth I'm living in, not hell, and there is a glorious purpose for me here, and ultimately a more glorious eternal destination at the end of all this seemingly (at times) mundane life. So I guess I have to say ( seeing as I'm 7 months pregnant) bring on the 3rd child and God help me do more that survive.

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