Monday, December 19, 2005

What to do, what to do...

This is a delayed account of the long-awaited pastoral meeting about our future. The meeting went very well of course, as I always thought it would. The main thing that came out of it was that we need to decide whether or not we're staying with Sovereign Grace before we can decide what to do next. We talked about Canada, and the contacts that Sovereign Grace now has in Toronto, Ottawa, and possibly Montreal, and this was all encouraging.

So in short, we came out entirely indesicive about what we should do. We had formerly had about zero desire to go to pastor's college, which we pretty much have to do if we plant churches for Sovereign Grace, but I think we've been a bit more open to it since the meeting. However, I must add that yesterday I suddenly became quite certain that we just don't belong here, no matter how much we like these people. Sovereign Grace people are among the nicest in the world ( I feel I can say this because of my personal feeling of detachment to them, making it a non-conceited statement haha) and it's hard to think of saying 'we don't belong with you". Unlike a fellow blogger I follow, I have had no bad experiences with this movement of churches. In fact, we were kind of spiritually nursed back to health after a bad experience we had with another church. Sovereign Grace is a safe place for us. We have spent years getting to know people, seeing strong biblical leadership, and growing in respect for the leaders and people in the church.

In the end, none of this matters if we are meant to leave. We are not making a list of pros and cons for Sovereign Grace and New Frontiers. We will go where God leads us, no real questions asked. It would mean starting this process all over again with no promises of future ministry. It's funny, but this just popped into my head. Jacob and Rachel. We've been here seven years, and it's like that. Now we see seven more ahead. We thought we were working for one thing to find out God meant us to work twice as long. BUT , this time there is real hope of seeing our dreams come about.

So, we plan to try to make it to Fredericton for a weekend without the kids. I think this will be key to getting more of a sense of what God is doing, especially for Aaron. He is doing a great job leading through this, and it's very encouraging to me. More and more I'm looking at him and seeing real glimpses of the leader and pastor I know he's called to be. God is very good.


Baxter's Boy said...

So good and so challenging to read this. Your spirituality just challenges me again and again - and I'm so praying that you will know what's right to do - and above all God by His Spirit will guide you!!

jul said...

Thanks again for all your encouraging words. And especially thanks for your prayers. We need all the help we can get!