Monday, July 10, 2006

a lot of water

I'm not a very good swimmer. In fact, I was actually pulled out of a wave pool by a life guard once. Lately I feel like I'm close to drowning but there is no one to pull me out. I keep getting visions of myself being under the water and at just the last moment I somehow get a gulp of air and it keeps on going. But how long can I survive this? I know I'll be rescued just in time--I always am. But I never was very good at patience.

Seeds in the Desert

There are seeds in the desert
From ages past, long forgotten times
They lie secret and silent
Buried along the banks of deep and wide channels
Deep and dry channels
They remember,they hope,they wait
Listening for the wind that comes before the rain
Patiently preparing for a glorious flood


A proclamation delivered in the skies
Dark and royal and churning
With fierce power and ultimate authority
Sudden quiet as every breath is taken
Expectation is the cloud
I watch the trees shake their heads in anticipation
As they make their leaf carpet for a king
Poor heads hang low in humble submission
Paying most reverent homage
To their Maker and Ender
I feel the land ushering in the Presence
An earthy joy at the coming drops
Long waiting for mercy now near
And nearer and now here
I want to dance in the falling water
My thanks dripping and pouring out
All glory to you
God of the Rain and King of Storm

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