Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When questions should cease...

I don't know much about the emerging church movement (some kind of prevalent mindset), but I know lots of people are part of it. Maybe I don't know them well anymore, but it seems like everyone I grew up with is caught up in it somehow. I guess it's just the way this generation thinks in general if no one intervenes.

I have read that to this group, asking questions (without answers) is considered very good. Great amounts of time and effort go into sitting around having philospical discussions and coming up with more and more ingenious unanswerable questions. I'm the first to admit that I share some things in common with my own generation, of course, and am attracted by some of it. But I have a real problem with people questioning basic fundamental theology just for the fun of it.

If we have honest questions, we should ask, but we should expect real answers from (of all places) the Bible. God's very own Word to us. It really does have answers and those answers are not optional to believe. And that's when questions should cease-- when we find the answer in God's Word. Because once God has answered a question THERE IS NO LONGER ANY QUESTION ABOUT IT!

So that was my rant and I'm done. If only I wouldn't go looking for trouble where I don't belong anyway...

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