Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What I've been up to

I intended to write this post but of course I had to impulsively rant first. We'll see if my husband allows the rant to remain (he's my Editor).

I've not posted for awhile because I've been busy trying to get healthy (again). Amazingly I've had this blog for over a year and my passion for nutrition, healthy organic food and cooking has not factored into it apart from the description that reads 'i love butter', which I'm sure has confused some of my readers. For clarification, I really do love butter. I should say organic butter. Long story short, I've been feeling very tired all the time and moody, along with suffering from ever-increasing neck and shoulder pain and migraines, so I finallly had enough. I've been on a very good detox diet for the past 3 and half weeks and though my energy is not up to par yet, I've had no pain since about day 2. I'm also down a few pounds which is always welcome.

In other news, we've still been attending the Vineyard Christian Fellowship at the Barn, and we may be getting involved in a local church plant as long as we're in this area. It's getting very depressing to still be here, but we're planning on heading up to Toronto for the weekend in a few weeks. We haven't seen my sister in over a year, so I'm pretty excited. We'll also be visiting King's Family Church for the first time and staying with Chris Mclean and his wonderful family. Again, very exciting.

And in the most exciting news of all, o.k. not that exciting, on October 11 I'll be turning 30. As I think I'm done having children, this could be potentially the least hormonal decade of my life (unless the 70's beat it) and I'm really looking forward to that.

I guess that's all for the moment. Should have more interesting news after our trip.


Coralie Cowan said...

If you're looking for a church that believes in healing, and believes that the answers in the Bible are genuine, and applicable, and non-optional there's a sovereign grace church in Delaware. I'm not a member of a sovereign grace church, but I would be if I could. It may make where you are less depressing.

jul said...

Thanks for your concern. Actually we were part of a Sovereign Grace church for the last 7 or so years and just recently left. We know the pastor and wife at the DE church plant and they are really great people, but we are in a transitional time right now that has turned out to be a little weird for us. We're going to be part of NFI when we get to Canada but unfortunately they don't have any churches in this area, however we have been blessed to receive lots of prayer (whenever we need/ask for it) at the smaller Vineyard church we've been attending. You've definately picked up on my bent toward all things reformed and charismatic! SGM was originally recommended to us by a friend in NFI, and they definately share the same roots and would consider themselves sister movements. We have grown in many ways through being part of SGM and will always be thankful for our time there.

SteveLaBs said...

Seems like God still has some plans for the Morris' bunch down here in Delaware!

Maybe its just to see baby LaBs? ;)

But even though your moving towards the Canada goal I would still encourage to be where you are and still see all God is doing in you and through you in this place!

The church plant sounds really great. Sounds like a good opportunity.

- Steve