Monday, January 29, 2007

Off to Canada

Well, we'll be heading up to Toronto on Friday for the Canadian Newfrontiers Leadership Conference 2007. I'm very excited to see new and old friends and meet more people who share the same heart and vision for Canada as we do. We'll be staying with my sister and her boyfriend, which I'm also looking forward to. And, to top it all off, the kids will not be with us so Aaron and I will be enjoying lots of uninterrupted time together. We'll probably have a big fight because that's par for the course when we finally get any amount of alone time! But we have a 9 hour drive so we'll be able to work it all out and be madly in love again by the time we arrive hehe...

I also wanted to offer congratulations to a fellow blogger and her family on their recent decision to join Jubilee, a Newfrontiers church in Georgia. Who knows? We may even cross paths sometime.

More recently we have been visiting another church in our area as well. They are not on the web (that I know of anyway) but their name is Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. We may stick around there for awhile since we already have relationship with some people who go there. We were not having fellowship at the Vineyard church, partly due to the fact that we live so far away. Anyway, we've enjoyed Cornerstone so far, especially the messages and the heart of the pastor. Yesterday we heard quotes from Heidi Baker, Hudson Taylor, Oswald Chambers,D.L. Moody, and John Calvin, to name a few, as well as a reference to Randy Clark! Now there's some diversity. To satisfy your curiosity the title of the message was "Not with Human Hands" from Colossians 2:9-12 and basically the main point was that we need the Holy Spirit. Too often our churches are things built with our hands instead of God's supernatural power. It was very good.

Also, we are finally officially no longer members at our previous church. Talk about a long dragged out process! We have not attended there in over 8 months but were technically still members until Saturday. We are now just awaiting our letter in the mail to confirm everything. It's a good feeling knowing that it's finally resolved and we can really move on.

Well, I should have something interesting to write about next week about this time. Be sure to check back for pictures and stories from the conference, as well as any resources that are available. The topic is Power for Purpose - Spiritual gifts fully operational for the kingdom. I can't wait!

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Vicountess said...

Have a good time Jul, I'm looking forward to reading about the conference - sounds interesting.