Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What's new?

Just checking in to say I won't be writing much this week. Aaron's got the week off to work on the house, and my parents are visiting along with Tim and my sister Heidi. My dad, and sometimes Tim, is helping Aaron with the house. My job is feeding everyone and keeping the kids out of the way.

We also joined the Y and I've been working out everyday and have currently completed 10 workouts with no noticeable results and a gain of 2 pounds. How's that for motivation? Oh well, I'm really enjoying getting out of the house and I am sticking to it. Everybody pray that we got a lot done on the house this week! If you live nearby, you may want to consider helping us out for a couple of hours. You would be paid of course in food, so put your 'will work for food' sign down and come on over.

Okay, my shameless begging is over now and I'm going to go and try to get a little sleep, something which I've not been able to get at night lately with a sick one year old in our bed.

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