Thursday, February 15, 2007

Anyone up for interpreting a dream?

This morning my daughter came downstairs and told me she had a dream that she thinks was from Jesus. So I typed furiously as she told me her dream and here it is as told by my newly turned 6 year old daughter Eva:

Eva's dream, Feb. 15, 2007

There was a thing that went over the top of the lamp and a light shone down on only me. It said something very special to me. It came down from the lamp and two lights shone on my middle fingers and put a ring on each finger. One ring was light green and the other was a really beautiful white and shiny one. I climbed up a mountain that was full of beautiful birds and trees and when I got to the top I looked up and I saw the lamp again. It shone down on me and said "you will be a special person in the world" and when I started climbing down again my two rings were shining. I didn't know what was happening so I asked the lamp why my rings were shining. It said, " because you are special your rings are shining to show everybody that those are the best rings I've ever given you." I climbed down the rest of the way and at the bottom were two creatures that looked scary but I had a feeling that my rings might be able to defeat them so I asked the lamp. It said, " your ring can defeat anything if you want to, just use your rings and those horrible creatures will be banished." So I did as I was told and the two creatures vanished.

I kept walking and then next turned up three persons that looked like the creatures but were different shapes. One looked like a bear, and one was shaped like the creatures I vanished and the other one I couldn't recognise. I asked the lamp what kind of creatures they were and it said " those creatures are the worst kind of creatures besides the ones you will defeat next". And then I decided to use my rings and it worked just like the first time. I kept walking and found four more and I remembered the lamp said " those creature are the forbidden creatures of the world". So I used my rings again and it worked and I kept walking and found nothing until finally I stopped and looked around and it looked completely different from anywhere I had been. I asked the lamp where I was and it said " you are in the forbidden castle. go inside and you will find the worst creatures you've ever seen. shark shapes and all different ones. if you defeat them you will win but you will have to defeat the very worst one but it will be the last one. You must kill him. If you can't , you must tell him that the Great Lamp will soon take over his kingdom." So I looked at my two rings and I realized that if I can't defeat the creatures than I would need better rings but I would try anyway and if I couldn't do it I would ask the Lamp for help. I heard the creature once but couldn't destroy him so I said to the lamp "I need help" the lamp said " I told you before if you can't defeat him tell him that the Lamp of the World will come and destroy his kingdom and if I destroy his kingdom you will have enough time to get more weapons from me to destroy him. I have one weapon that I've been saving for the person that has believed in me to destroy my next challenge."

So I figured to tell him what the lamp said. I walked over to his black throne and said " Soon the Light of the World will come and take over your kingdom. " Then I heard the ground shaking and the lamp told me to get out of the castle. I ran as quick as I could and got out and watched the castle. And before I knew it I saw it tumbling down into dust. When I looked back the king was no longer the king because his crown had been crushed by the falling castle. I said to him " if you wait a second I will be the person to defeat you " because that's what the lamp told me in my mind. The lamp came down and whispered to me " if you believe in me you can defeat him". Then I believed so much I thought these rings must mean something. So I asked the lamp " what do these ring mean, what are they for". The lamp said " these rings represent that I am the Light of the World". Then I thought so much of the Light of the World I just wondered why have I been put through all these test so I asked him " why have I been put through these tests" . The lamp said " this is a challenge. whoever wins my challenges I will pick to believe most because you can't win unless you believe in me". So I decided if I can't defeat him the lamp can so I got out of my spot. I had fists in my hand and I was believing that the lamp would help me so I stood up and waited the fallen king to come over. When he did the lamp told me to put my hand out and open it and when I did he put the most powerful weapon (it was shaped like a small sword) in my hand. So I took it and I realized I had this weapon and because the lamp told me I could keep it I realized that this might help me to defeat many challenges in my life. I used it for the king that is no longer king and it worked. He vanished and was gone.

And the lamp said " It's time for your next challenge but you must go home first" I said " how will l get home' he said "with your special gift (the weapon, the sword). Hold it in your hand tightly close your eyes and believe in me and when you open your eyes you'll be home" When I opened my eyes I was back home in bed. I realized my bed was different. My blanket was shining beautifully and my pillow had a roaring lion on it and my walls were just so beautiful. I laid down on my pillow and went to sleep. When I opened my eyes it was all gone because it was all a dream.

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SteveLaBs said...

Eva's quit the warrior princess! I enjoyed reading this. Maybe Eva should think about writing a book too ;). I don't have any prophetic interpretations to share.. sorry. I could share all "my maybe it means this or that" thoughts but I'm sure you already have plenty of those. --Katie