Friday, February 16, 2007

A note about Eva's dream

Just an interesting little development. I thought it a little strange that Eva was so specific about the weapon in her dream being not just a sword, but a small sword. She actually said it was like Lucy's (from Narnia) dagger. Of course my natural first assumption was that her sword represented the sword of the Spirit from Ephesians 6 and I assumed that this would have been referring to a large sword. I've been reading Power Healing by John Wimber and Kevin Springer and today as I was reading I came across this quote:

"The sword of the Spirit. This piece of armor is the only one that can be used for attack as well as defense. The type of sword Paul refers to was a small, twelve- to fourteen-inch knife like instrument whose tip was pinpoint sharp and whose blade could cut in any direction. It was used in close, personal fighting. The Roman soldier would look for chinks in his opponent's armor and then attack them with his little sword."

This quote is taken from the chapter Healing the Demonized. I'm really enjoying the book, by the way and so far I would highly recommend it.

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