Friday, June 01, 2007

Are You a Charismatic?

I just had this thought in my head thinking about the so-called 'open-but-cautious' group. ( I think I've been there, although with all honesty I think a more appropriate term would be 'open-but-terrified'.) I was thinking, it's not such a bad group to be in if it's a transitional time. Whether or not it's a transition into the power and manifest presence of God depends on our true heart's desire. It's a scary thing to step out and throw your arms up in the air to cry out 'God, do whatever you want to me , in me, through me!' and I can't blame anyone for being a little nervous about the results. But I believe that if we do this, there will be impossible to ignore results! Why? Because this kind of surrender can only flow out of true faith--utter dependency on our God who we know to be utterly trustworthy.

So maybe I'm still in the open-but-terrified group more often than I care to think about. Am I really willing to yield to the Holy Spirit all of myself all of the time? Are you?

I want to be...


Coralie said...

Having attended Baptist churches my entire life, I often get strange looks when it comes up in conversation that I'm a "charismatic". Everything from "I'd love to walk you through scripture and show you the correct biblical teaching on that." to "How did your husband get hired if you believe that?"

But the most honest response was from my current Sunday school teacher. He just looked at me and said "the charismatic scares me." I smiled and said "me too. God in general terrifies me. But that doesn't change his nature."

Open but terrified is, I think, a far more informed view of God. To quote C.S. Lewis - He's not a safe God. But he's good.

jul said...

"How did your husband get hired if you believe that?"

Lol, because God is good and sometimes a little spark is all it takes. As they always say, dead wood burns best!