Friday, June 01, 2007

Good Smiling SIGH....In His Presence! And I'm Addicted...

I just got back from the first night of a conference called The Kingdom of God being held at the VCF (at the Barn). We started going back to the VCF at the Barn a few weeks ago. They are now in their new building (going on 3 weeks now) and it's been great. I mean, the building is nice, but God's presence has been distinctly more, well, present. For me it's been so refreshing.

The speaker at this conference is a man named Steve Robbins and he basically told a bit of his story tonight. Basically, he got saved during the Jesus People thing and eventually met John Wimber and ended up being at the meeting (where his wife was miraculously healed of MS) that started the whole Vineyard movement. I think I got that right... Anyway as he was speaking, it was as if the presence of God got stronger and stronger until he began to pray to open up ministry time. As soon as he prayed 'Holy Spirit come' I experienced the heavy presence of God. My body felt like some weird combination of numb and floating and then I was trembling as his wife and others gave very specific words of knowledge and people identified themselves for prayer. It was absolutely deliciously wonderful...and I'm not satisfied.

One of the words was for anyone who wanted their senses to be touched. It's hard to explain, but sensitized to the spirit realm and she specifically mentioned smell and smelling God. So of course, since I've had an ongoing fascination and desire to smell God I went forward. I received prayer and just enjoyed more of God's presence though I didn't smell anything. This doesn't bother me much since I usually have delayed reactions hehe. When I was prayed for to receive the gift of tongues I didn't starting speaking (well in tongues that is) until about a week later at a very random moment. I have to agree with one of my newer blogging friends (Peter Day)that:

"...But I think if I wasn't criticised for being too charismatic, I would be worried..."

Well, I've certainly jumped into the crazy pool with this post, so I guess it's only appropriate to end with the classic Vineyard prayer, "MORE LORD!!!!!"


don said...

I am absolutely delighted for you! God is so much more willing to give of Himself, than we are to receive! Thanks for taking Him up on His invitation that night. Plus, I think it's vitally important that the early history of the Vineyard be told and retold. As you now know, not only is God glorified, but fresh faith is imparted through the retelling of God's wonderful exploits, which opens the door for the Spirit to move in a fresh and powerful way today, in a new generation!

I've experienced spiritual vision, taste and smell a couple of times, as well as touch (feeling through my spirit the weightiness of God's presence in a room) and believe that He wants us to develop our 5 spiritual senses as part of living in both the heavenly and earthly realms. The temptation - as with so many Holy-Spirit things - is not to believe such things are possible, and then God sovereignly gives me the experience for myself, and directs me to find precedents in Scripture! ("O taste and see that the Lord is good!")


Peter Day said...

This is a wonderful post, as always! Praise God, that He has met with you and may He do so more and more.

I love your comment that you are not satisfied! I find myself saying that. There is a sense in which we are, because God has met with us. But at the same time, we want more! A holy disatisfaction. Our thirst is quenched, but we are still thirsty. It sounds crazy but it's true.

My old pastor used to say that once he had tasted of the Holy Spirit he was spoiled (in a good sense) in that he could not now settle for anything else. Once we taste of the Lord, we don't want any religion we want Him! Nothing else satisfies.

Dan Bowen said...

I developed a short, arrow sort of prayer whenever I find myself in situations of heavy anointing (usually at Brighton). I used to go in with my orthodox evangelical defences up trying to discern error and then my hunger and desperation overtook my cautions.

So I pray now;


I don't mean that to be disrespectful but I really just want Him to do absolutely WHATEVER He wants to do in my life and I don't want to miss one thing of what He may have planned!!

"WHATEVER LORD!". We need You! We're nothing without You!!

jul said...

Thanks to all of you for prayer, encouragement , and testimony of God's goodness. As I just heard preached in church this morning, "There must me more!!!" So Lord, we will not be satisfied with a little of you, but we will dive into your river until we have no choice but to cling to you and go wherever you take us!