Sunday, June 03, 2007

Name Change?

I wanted to get a bit of input from my faithful inputters. I don't' think that's really a word... Anyway, I've been thinking about the name of my blog, and while it might not be that important, I don't think the name 'looking for my words' really applies anymore. I think I've found my words! Which means, I'm alive again, not just living the life of a white-washed tomb. So if you have any opinion at all about this, please leave a comment. I'm not saying your opinion will ultimately effect my decision but I still want to hear it! How's that for motivation?


Steve & Katie LaBs said...

What's the purpose of your blog? Since it's not to "find your words" anymore, what is your reason for writing? I was thinking of some new name ideas but I need this info in order to be more creative :) -Katie

don said...

How about "Looking For My Lord"? :-)

Or, "Latter-Day Charismaniac"? ;-D

I agree that you have indeed found your words. I think you write very well on grace vs legalism, but what spiritual life-theme(s) do you think the Lord has imparted to you, that you feel compelled to share with others? That could help you rename the blog.

Peter Day said...

How about "Glorious freedom"?

Only an idea. I agree with both the previous comments - you need a name which summarises what God has laid on your heart to share with all us hungry readers. :-)

jul said...

Thanks to you all, keep weighing in.

I think the two main purposes are to have a type of journal to remember what God has done in my life (and in our family) and also to enourage and inspire faith in others both through testimonies of what God's doing and prophetic writing (what I believe God wants to do). God has used blogging and the relationships that have come through it in a very powerful way in my life. It has also been very very enjoyable.

But if I could summarize my 'life message', than I think it's no secret that would be GRACE! I like the words 'charismaniac' and 'freedom' as both tie into my understanding of grace. I would want to make it clear that I'm not talking about the doctrines of grace (though they are great) as much as the life of power in grace. I'm all about the real experience of truth, not one or the other.

Does that help?

Dan Bowen said...

How about,

"Unashamedly FREE and ALIVE!!!"

It sums up everything about you! FREE = God's lavish Grace. ALIVE = Life in the Holy Ghost!!

whatever you chose, we love you and appreciate your heart and your passion for God!! Keep going!!

D xxx

PS: I love "Latter Day Charismaniac" though!!

Steve & Katie LaBs said...

"The aroma of grace"

dogimo said...

I'm just going to throw out a number of suggestions off the top of my head:

looking for His words
embrace Grace
(or perhaps)
Grace, embraced
fruits of the Spirit
lay down the law!
legalism schmegalism
in God I blog
perfected and fulfilled
boundless GRACE
my heart leapt with joy