Monday, July 30, 2007

Victory Over Condemnation

Listening to Rob right now. I've been battling condemnation on and off this week, and have had phone calls from at least two friends dealing with similar attacks. Wasn't I excited to see what Rob preached yesterday?!?! I guess that what we might call 'timely'. Thanks God!

Victory Over Condemnation (July 30th 2007)


Daelon said...

I was gonna listen to this earlier. I'm listening to "Grace for Freedom and Fruitfulness Series (2)
Grace versus Law." right now. It's very awesome!

I love your blog! You've inspired me with a lot of your posts.

jul said...

Grace vs. Law is the one we recommend to many people to listen to first. I've listened to it myself probably 10 times now!

Glad you're enjoying my blog. Thanks for the encouragement.

Grace said...

Don't you wish that you had a billion writable cd's that you could burn this message and just give to everyone.

Steve & Katie LaBs said...

My favorite so far... This message spoke so directly to me. And even as he was preaching through Isaiah 54 where God promised never to be angry with or rebuke us again. Almost immediately after he read it, lies came to me protesting "But what about this sin or that...!" I have to listen to this again and meditate on that promise until I really believe it because it flies in the face of that subtle condemnation. Thanks for the recommendation and sharing what God's teaching you about grace

jul said...

Yes, it's good. God showed me that passage a few months ago and the next day I was listening to another of Rob's sermons where he talked about that passage. It was a very powerful confirmation to me that God really really isn't angry with us--EVER!!!