Friday, August 17, 2007

The Release of Women Into Ministry

I found this article some time ago and was just reading it again. The role of men and women has been on our minds for a while now. Aaron and I both have many many questions (and a few not-fully-formed answers) about this whole area, which I'm starting to understand as more important to our understanding of the heart of God than I would have thought.

This article is a long read, and somewhat strangely written (since it's just transcribed from the spoken word) but I think it's worth it. It will get you thinking and hopefully questioning your comfortable assumptions about this topic, even if you disagree. Ideally, I think we should always be examining our beliefs in light of Scripture, always willing to learn more, understand more from the Holy Spirit. Funnily enough, this article turns out to be more about calling men into Biblical manhood in the end. Well, here's the link...


Here are a couple of interesting quotes that may peak your interest:

"Here I was, and for some strange reason had birthed this church, was it's leader, a woman! I tried to preach on manhood for 6 months and kept having to jump off the stage! God! I must find a man who can call these boys into manhood, but I couldn't find one. Honestly, I couldn't find a man. There were hundreds of pastors in Hong Kong with miserable wives, but I didn't want these men to call my men into manhood, because that's not manhood; it's a male position in the church and that is a perversion of God's purposes. God never chooses anyone on the basis of their sex. And this idea that man should hold position in the church because he is male is a perversion of the truth of Scripture. Man may lead on the basis of manhood, not sex."

(I really really love that last line!)

"I saw, in Genesis 3, the perversion that has taken place, for God called Adam and Eve to rule together, as partners, and she was clearly his helper. No problems until they both sinned. The curse is that woman will have pains in child - bearing and man will work by the sweat of his brow. Her identity will be in her man, and that's where it all went wrong. Ever since then, women have tried to find their identity in men and men have sought to find their identity in their job. That's a result of the fall and was not God's plan."


Anonymous said...

"Man may lead on the basis of manhood, not sex."

I love this line, also, Julie!

Thanks for calling me yesterday - I enjoyed talking with you.

Ellie ;)

jul said...

I really enjoyed talking to you too. Looking forward to talking to you more!

lawrence said...

So what do you think of the passages in Titus and 1 timothy when Paul, talking about the qualifications of the (either elder or pastors, depending on the translation)needing to be the "husband of one wife" among other things?

jul said...

Lawrence, first I would like to ask if you read the article. I posted it because I found it thought provoking and enjoy understanding where other believers are coming from who I might not agree with completely.

I believe what Scripture says: that the role of elders belongs to men. I believe that my husband is my head and I joyfully submit to his love as he submits to the love of Christ. However, I respect and love those who may not have a complimentarian view and have benefitted from learning why they hold their differing views. I don't see it as something to judge people for, or that it is central to our understanding of the gospel, but as a differing view of Scripture.

I also am concerned that while feminism has certain dangers we should be aware of, there seems to be a complete denial of the problem of male chauvenism that has infiltrated some segments of the 'complimentarian' church. I personally have dealt with it and it isn't pretty, fun, or glorifying to God, in fact it is just as disparaging to the image of God that should be displayed in marriage as feminism is.

All that being said, I want to say once again very clearly that I believe in male eldership and the husband's headship, but in my marriage submission is not suppressive or limiting in the way it once was. My husband freely releases me and encourages me to fulfil everything God has called me to as a woman, and as a person.

Thanks for reading my blog and feeling free to comment and ask questions.

lawrence said...

actually I did read both the post and the article (I love to read :-). I wasn't implying anything about your beliefs in the question and I'm sorry that it sounded...whatever it sounded like (accusatory, assumptive etc.) I actually honestly wanted to know your thoughts on them...