Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Newfrontiers Values

Mark Heath at 'Word and Spirit' has just done a great review of John Hosiers 'Christ's Radiant Church'. I've actually read parts of this one myself, before our book got water damaged, and especially appreciated how well the chapter dealing with women was done. I found Mark's review to be a great summary of where Newfrontiers stands on some important issues. For any of you who are curious about Newfrontiers you may find it quite interesting.




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I was drawn down a rabbit hole to your site that started by the NP's site. So we've never met in person. For the specifics: I'm a youth pastor in Michigan. Married to a wonderful women and have two of the most beautiful daughters on the planet IMHO :)

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Dan Bowen said...

It was a good review but I am not sure that I agreed with Mark's conclusions about what was left out of the book. John Hosier never planned the book to be an exhaustive study of the distinctives of Newfrontiers. Just because the Bible, preaching and holiness weren't mentioned isn't a reflection on their lack of importance. One only needs to look at Church of Christ the King in Brighton to see the importance that the Bible, preaching and holiness (see Terry Virgo's last message at Brighton) take.

However I do agree with him that the constant challenge is to ensure that the up and coming generation do receive a well-rounded deposit of what their fathers have learnt.