Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A focus on sin, or righteousness?

Joel over at Grace Roots has just written a great post called "A focus on sin, or righteousness?" and I wanted to highlight a few great quotes from it.

I'd like to ask this question. Looking back on your life, has your deep searching of yourself truly helped you to overcome sin, or has it simply left you feeling guilty, and therefore feeling as if there's something that needs to be done to get you right with God? Let me share with you what will hopefully be good news for you, as I believe it's the truth of the gospel: The former way - deep searching leading to guilt for sin - might certainly give an appearance of holiness and piety, but it's nothing more than a flesh-based focus on self and not on Christ! Please think about this. If we beat ourselves up over our sin, aren't we forgetting that JESUS was already beat up and crucified for our sin??? Does our self-inflicted guilt and punishment really fit in with the finished work of Christ? Isn't it an INSULT to the Spirit of grace and to the broken body and shed blood of Jesus when we take any of this upon ourselves?

Indeed... what I am saying is that when we sin, instead of going through a period of guilt and self-condemnation for our sins, we immediately turn to the Lord in gratefulness and praise, thankful to Him for the once-for-all sacrifice of Jesus that took our sins as far away from us as the east is from the west, burying them deep in the sea, never to be brought up again! Resting in God's mercy and grace, and focusing on the truth of the righteous people that we are in Him, will not lead to more sin. Rather, it will lead to a deeper love and commitment to Him that yields peace and righteousness, love and joy, and all the wonderful fruit of the Spirit!

What amazing good news the gospel really is! Thanks Joel for all you do to preach the good news unashamedly.


Joel Brueseke said...

Thanks, Jul, for the link. A song by The Cars says "Let the good times roll." Well, I say not only that, but let the good news roll...!

I'm encouraged and thankful that, at least through the internet, the good news is being made available to more and more people who have formerly been stuck in the bad news that they've found through local churches and resources.

lydia joy said...

the bad news is right....I just heard a message from our old church that was entitled the "Bad News" and he spent the entire message explaining why it's so important to remember the bad news so we can actually appreciate the "Good News"......sad.....I'll take the Grace thanks!