Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Recent Prophetic Words...

This past Sunday we were able to visit a local church here in Moncton called Water and Wine Assembly of Christians led by Dave and Marilyn Britton. It was Aaron's first time visiting so we were called forward to be welcomed and receive a jar of homemade grape jelly. Dave then told everyone that his father had led my grandfather to the Lord many years ago...they have been friends of our family for years though I don't know them well myself.

Anyway, they had a couple visiting to do some prophetic training named Bob and Anita Wing and the Brittons asked them to give us a prophetic word, which they kindly recorded on cd for us. I've transcribed it in full below for those that know us and might be interested! We'd love to hear your thoughts on it, though it is a bit lengthy. We were very encouraged, and some parts are quite exciting (I fancy the part about the angels myself). Well, here it is:

(Bob) Lord we stretch our hands towards this couple (what is your name again?) Father we just thank you for Aaron and Julie we thank you for visitation, your habitation on their lives. Oh man of God what I heard the Spirit saying he said you are one that I had to get my fishing pole out and get my hook out and a special bait to bring you in. The Lord said son I am going to do a great thing in the midst of you the Lord said son I'm unwrapping your gifts, your annointing, and your ability the Lord says I've called you to be a man's man the Lord says you know no fear, growing up that got you in so much trouble because the Lord says you'd just do anything the Lord said but now I've put my heart in you and I'm transforming you and bringing you into new levels of the kingdom of God.

The Lord says son I'm going to use you in a way to impact other men, I've put an annointing on you for leadership and you're going to lead many and you're going to stand strong the Lord said you were a scrapper and a fighter but now I'm going to make you a mighty man of war for the kingdom. The Lord said I'll bring even a fresh annointing upon your thinking and I'm opening up your understanding even as I breathed on the disciples I'm breathing on you says God to open up a destiny a plan, and a purpose that you might bring your whole family into a new territory of the kingdom of God. The Lords says son even as I gave portions of the land to the different tribes I'm giving a portion to your family to possess the kingdom, to prosper, and to do great and mighty things. The Lord says son know that as you study leadership things it's going to cause you to begin to excel and it's going to bring a settling in your spirit. It's going to cause favor with man and favor with me that's really going to begin to bless and change the atmosphere even around you says the Lord.

And the Lord says little princess, you're one who's very special, the Lord said you're very stable, you're very picky, you won't just buy anything. The Lord says you have many questions and I love that about you says God because you're one who will look into the things of the Spirit and one that will look into the principles of my Word. The Lord says there is a teaching gift on the inside of you to be an explainer, a teacher, and one to be a proclaimer. The Lord says daughter you're always giving instructions, some think that you're always trying to be nit-picky but the Lord says no daughter you're one who wants to make things right.

And I love your heart and your spirit and the Lord said daughter I'm even opening up your spirit person to let you walk in realms of the supernatural you didn't even think of. I put a prophetic mantle even upon you to be able to speak forth and bless my body with fresh annointing and revelation from heaven. The Lord said don't be timid don't be shy, it's ok to make a mistake the Lord says as you minister and release the gifts and annointing that's deep within your spirit.

(Anita)And the Lord says daughter know that even the annointing of old is upon you and even that those of the patriarchs that have come down even through your lineage says the Lord are upon you. But daughter know that is a blessing and not a curse, know that it's one that's been like almost a heavy weight upon your shoulders to be in a position to conform to some things that you didn't really buy into you didn't really understand, but the Lord says daughter know that I'm breaking that off you today that you might be able to walk free he said because I have a path just for you it's not one that anyone's trod in such a way that you have to conform and follow in that manner. He said daughter know that I'm loosing you from those bands even this day so that you might walk circumspectly before me and in a way that is pleasing unto me even in a new dimension says God.

And son and daughter know that I've even stationed angels round and about you. He said there is a movement in the heavenlies over you and he said there's been an open heaven placed above you that's pouring out upon you. And he said daughter and son know that as you declare and decree the angels will go out from among you and gather that which you have need of and draw those unto you that will be able to relate to you, to be able to support you, to be able to understand the teaching that you bring forth and the way that you bring forth.

He said you've kept your lives pure, you've kept your lives holy, you've attempted in every way to follow after me. He said and daughter and son know that even as you do that continually I will bring a stream of people around behind you that will allow that annointing to flow upon them. He said and there will be even a group developing around about you that will cause you to elevate even in the spirit realm says God. And even in the positioning that's upon you son and daughter know that there is that apostolic mantle upon you that will draw many unto me and he said as you do start to see even a fruition of things that you've dreamed about come to pass and know you don't have to wait for 20 years or 40 years or 80 years says God, it's going to start to happen around about you because the angels are causing a stir in the heavenlies says God over you and they will continue to move on your behalf.

So son and daughter know that this is a day of looking up unto me no longer look down to see where you've been to see where you're trodding he said but keep your heads lifted up high and your eyes focused on me and I will lead you every step of the way says God. I'll not allow you to stray to the left or the right but I'll set that path out before you and as you take a step of faith the road will appear it will start to be a walk of total faith following after me says God. As you hear my voice you'll step into the newness that I have for you says the Lord.

(Bob) So Father we thank you for your word let it go deep into their spirits, let heaven pervade and let hell shrink back! in Jesus' name amen.


Grace said...

Wow. That is great.
I have a feeling this is just a confirmation of what the Lord has been telling you for a long time Julie.
I love the direct word for Aaron. I can't wait to see him walking in his inheritance fully. I believe the fruit will be amazing.

Bless both of you

lydia joy said...

Wow, this is exciting! Keith and I read this together -we see parts of it already happening based on our time with you! "the Lord says no daughter you're one who wants to make things right." this is something I appreciate about you Julie, you are so determined and you do have a teaching gift, for sure. Aaron, God has already used to impact other men, (thanks) and we can't wait to hear what he does with you guys...this was an amazing encouragement, it's so cool you wrote it out -!