Monday, November 26, 2007

New Covenant Grace Church

Well, that seems to be the name we're going with for our church. We've had an eventful couple of weeks in some ways, though we have a lot of down time where we feel we're not accomplishing much. It's been good to spend lots of time with the kids though, the last 2 or 3 years have been so busy with so much stress and change.

Some of the events that stand out are having a family over for dinner, Aaron speaking to Rob Rufus (City Church International Hong Kong) by phone, and an utter failure to reach anyone else on the phone who we originally thought we needed to talk to! Contacting Rob was a bit surreal at first, because we know we wouldn't be here planting a church if it weren't for his faithful preaching of grace. We just wouldn't have had the faith to step out like this, we would still be wallowing in our miserable failures to live up to the perfect standard of the law! He is truly a spiritual father though he's only just become aware of our existence, and the churches we plant will be part of his spiritual heritage in many ways.

We also had 6 people over on Friday night for worship, but we never got to do any singing because we all talked until around midnight, mostly about grace. It was great to fellowship with believers and it's always great to talk about God's grace so we were very excited. Also got to pass out some Rufus cd's to everyone...

After everyone left we called Hong Kong and talked to Ryan Rufus (Rob's son and author of "Do Christians Still Have a Sinful Nature?", also he has some sermons available for download on City Church International's website ) for over an hour and it was great to see how God connected us so quickly in the Spirit, with so much in common in how we view grace, what God's teaching us about leadership in the church etc...very encouraging. We didn't get to bed until after 2 A.M. but I still couldn't sleep from all the excitement of what God is doing! Things we couldn't understand seem to be making more and more sense as we watch God's amazing plan unfold. His idea of how to go about things is always so much more brilliant than ours, what a shock!

Besides all that, we've been working on a church website, though so far I haven't really figured it out. I'll definately put up a link if I ever do so those of you who actually have computer skills can have a good laugh.

We are planning on meeting regularly on Friday nights at my parents' house for now, hopefully another home will become available soon since it won't take long to run out of space here...I'm really looking forward to getting everything really going, I miss worshipping with other people in God's presence.


Joel Brueseke said...

I'm praying for you guys as you plant this new church, with the expectation that the Lord will do great and wonderful things through you and among you. I'm praying that the truth of His unconditional love and grace will spread in a big way!

lydia joy said...

Okay so my jaw was on the floor the whole time while reading this......How exciting, everything is happening, your dreams are coming true!! And of course I am totally jealous but also dying to hear about your conversations with the Rufus' - !! I am so excited for you guys!

Peter Day said...

It is truly amazing how God has led you both, and for the open door to contact with Rob and Ryan Rufus. This is the hand of the Lord.

And I love the name of the church - it sums up the glories of what God has done for us. A NEW covenant (no longer a law covenant) full of His abundant grace to us, unconditional, undeserved, lavished upon us! Wow!

I shall be praying!

Grace said...

You go guys. Praise God. My prayers will be with you. More importantly God will be with you as Jesus builds His church.
I was listening to a teaching of Robs when he was in South Africa to the leaders of the church he planted here (V.F.C.)

He mentioned that he does not lead a church, he follows God.
I really like this as this enables other people to walk beside you, following God, as you lead the church.

This really is great news. I am blown away.

I pray for the right venue and that the Father adds as He sees fit.

Grace said...

Sorry it could even have been this one

Steve & Katie LaBs said...

This post and the last one have been so exciting to read!!! It's awesome to see how God is unfolding His plans for you guys. We are so pumped. Keep the updates coming!

Anonymous said...

wow, sounds wonderful, jul!!!!


jul said...

thanks everybody!

Lucas Miles said...

Really enjoyed your blog and its always exciting to see grace at work. I just started my 4th year of church planting in my home town and it's been awesome. I pray that you are deeply encouraged as you step out in this new adventure. It's all about good news! Please let us know if we can be an encouragement or help in any way. Feel free to contact me at We always love connecting with other planters...especially ones that understand the message.