Monday, March 03, 2008

Glory, Ruth Ward Heflin and a New Song...

I just finished reading "GLORY" by Ruth Ward Heflin. I came across this book as well as another that Rob recommended a little while back in one of his messages on the glory of God, and since he doesn't often recommend books, at least on the mp3s, I was very happy to pick these up when I happened to see them in the bookstore side by side. I really enjoyed the read but will definately have to read it again, and I didn't mark anything down since I wanted to just enjoy it first, but the main premise, repeated throughout is:

"Praise...until the Spirit of worship comes. Worship...until the glory comes. Then...Stand in the glory!"

Mainly what I got from the book is that there is so much more than I've experienced in God! And that is so encouraging. It wasn't filled with suggestions and impossible prescriptions for coming into these experiences, just saying when our expections are raised then our faith rises and we meet God. That's my take on it anyway...

So I was delighted when as I was playing guitar and worshipping over the past couple of days, a new song was coming to me. I haven't done much songwriting lately due to never being alone, so I really enjoyed having a new song to sing.

Here it is:

Your Glory

your glory hovers over us
your glory fills us with your love
your presence overwhelms this place
the more we revel in your grace
your glory is here

your glory through Jesus is so near
your glory drives out every fear
salvation comes and healing flows
creation sings and mountains bow
your glory is here

Father, Jesus, Spirit come
let your perfect will be done

Pretty simple. I may put up some quotes during my second read of the book. I'm also reading through "Glory Invasion" by David Herzog (also recommended) which I'm finding very interesting and wishing the grace understanding was a bit stronger there, but it's still very good.

Also, on a side note, if you haven't been listening to the recent series "Invading the Impossible" over at City Church International's site, you must start now!!! It's excellent.


lydia joy said...

"Praise...until the Spirit of worship comes. Worship...until the glory comes. Then...Stand in the glory!" - I just love that! I enjoyed this book as well, it's actually a free downloadabe book, I have it linked on my blog, for those who may want to read it.
I think this phrase is so good, and it is essentially what Rob was getting at in the 1st of 2 messages he did Feb. 24th......
I love that you wrote a new song, Keith and I have just been talking about how we long to sing more songs that caused us to just bask in and worship God!!! Awesome, and it is always a treat to find a fresh post on here!!!

Aida said...

Julie, I don't think I've ever posted a comment on your blog even though I've been reading it for a while. I found you by following a link on Lydia's blog.

I love your song. I wish I could hear it sung to music. I think it's wonderful when Father gives someone a new song to sing to him. I like Hillsong as well as some of the other professionals but I think Father wants to give songs to his people that will draw us to him and not have to make tham into a CD.

This is one gift I've never experienced but would love to have. I think it would be great if you could share more about how Father developed that gift in you. Not as a "how-to" but as an encouragement to the rest of us.