Monday, June 09, 2008

What's Going On???

I recently realized it's been pretty quiet on my blog, mostly because it's been anything but quiet in the real world! If you remember my post a little while back about needing a house (Invading the Impossible: Buying a House)you'll know this is a real answer to prayer. We moved into our new house 3 weeks ago, and it all happened pretty fast! I've posted some picture on facebook if you'd like to see them.

Then both my sister's were home visiting and we all went to Cape Breton for the weekend for my sister Kelly's wedding. Later that week we had a reception for the rest of the family and friends who didn't go to the wedding, for which I made about 80 cupcakes and a small cake. And last Saturday we had our first church meeting in our new house! We had two new families visit (with 10 kids between the two of them!) and 3 other couples we're friends with visit as well, so it was a full house! We all brought food, the kids ran around outside and had a great time, we worshipped, Aaron shared about not calling what God calls clean unclean... We had a great time. ">

Not exactly sure what Aaron was doing with his thumbs... We've also added 2 silkie chickens and 2 kittens to our family. Anyway, that's a very brief summary of what's been going on! It's so exciting to have a home and be able to fill it with people, God is so generous.


Don said...

So wonderful! God really does provide.

Now that you have silkies, we have much to discuss - or, at least, you and my wife and daughters do. They're hip-deep in chickens and baby chicks right now, some of which are silkies.

lydia joy said...

It's so good to have you back!! The house looks great!!
Did you record Aaron's message??? That would be cool!! God is SO GOOD!!!

Steve LaBs said...

whahoo! this is so exciting!

Steve LaBs said...

Jul, I just looked at your pics. The house and surroundings are beautiful!! I love all the wood in the house and all the land for your kiddos to roam free. You can tell God hand picked this on especially for you and your fam :)

SLW said...

Bless God, I'm glad you found a home. May God's touch and love be known there always.

Shash said...

it is a gorgeous house, I love the country kitchen sink and that great old bathtub! and what a view!! what a great blessing.

jul said...

Well, Don we have only one silkie now, we lost the hen I think hawk got her ( I let them run around outside during the day...). But I got 6 laying hens and will be getting more silkies when I can. I would love all the chicken advice I can get haha!

Lydia, we don't have anything to record Aaron's messages (or mine, wicked cackle) on yet.

And thanks everyone for being happy for us! We love our house and love filling it up with people, so you're all welcome to come and visit anytime you like!